"How it got its name has been lost in the formstone mists of Canton. Opened in 1948, the Sip & Bite became a word-of-mouth sensation after George Vasiliades began ladling out homemade specials to waterfront regulars who knew the value of a buck and the taste of real food.

That was back in the 1960s. Canton has changed dramatically since then, but the Sip remains the same unpretentious place where people from all walks of life from visiting Hollywood celebrities to local longshoremen can tear into a platter of Greek-style meatloaf, feast on the East Side''s best crab cakes, or seek a restorative omelet with home fries at 2 in the morning.

George''s son Antonios (Tony) is committed to keeping up the tradition of wholesome foods prepared fresh daily at exceptionally low prices. He invites you to enjoy your old favorites and sample an expanded menu of authentic Greek cuisine, healthful salads, and around-the-clock breakfasts.

Bon appetit, hon.
MARK REUTTER, newspaperman, author, and Sip & Bite eater since 1975


the original Sip & Bite sign circa 1948 when hard working immigrant George Vasiliades first opened the doors. And so it was...

Ms. Pat starts working at the Sip & Bite and was a perennial breakfast time smile for over 45 years.
Owner and creator of Sip & Bite George Vasiliades working the register.

the fist major interior and exterior facelift.

George formally retires and his son Tony, with no small help from his new bride Sofia, bring the Sip & Bite into to the 21 century with a whole new slick style and menu.

alway doing their best to keep up with the customer's changing tastes, the Sip & Bite owner's Tony and Sofia Vasiliades are here to serve you.